Jacqueline Clow Flower Fairy Herbal Healer Fall Harvest

Originally an ancient Druid festival , Lammas is the 1st festival of harvest. This marks the start of the harvest season & its dedicated to bread & the sun. Giving thanks for harvest & continued land fertility. Most Canadians who don’t go south are vitamin D deficient, if they are not taking it in a supplement. The lack of vitamin D from the sun can cause eczema to worsen in the winter. Try the organic Flower Fairy Magic Balm & increasing your good fats & drink more water with the dryness of having the heat on. Increase your daily water consumption, preferably warm water, instead of ice water which is hard on your stomach enzymes, chills the kidneys & reduces proper digestion. The base of your body care/lip balms should be all oil, not water or petroleum bases. This keeps the skin & lips significantly more protected, moisturized  &  hydrated longer. That’s why Flower Fairy omits water or petroleum & uses only scents which are organic.


Polly Pelican knows to eat his fish for it’s EPA/DHA content for a happy & healthy brain.


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