Jacqueline Clow Flower Fairy Herbal Healer Benefits of Dark Chocolate, Mood Elevation by Eliminating Food Allergies


With fall & the shortage of the sun we may get seasonal sadness. Food sensitivities play a huge role in depression, moods & anxieties. The phenolics or naturally occurring chemicals in the plants can aggravate some individuals, altering some brain chemicals & hormones. From feeling spaced out & foggy to anxiety & depression. These can be greatly aggravating to schizophrenia patients in numerous studies. 65% were adversely affected with wheat & over half the cases with cows milk. 75% of them were affected with tobacco & 30% with petrochemicals. Deficiencies in vitamins & minerals, good fats & improper liver function can often cause hormonal problems.

 Victoria Holistic Nutrition Clinic Food Testing

 Exercise helps ease this. Another option are cocoa beans! Australian researchers found the flavonols in dark chocolate reduced blood pressure as much as 30 minutes of exercise. The compound PEA in chocolate promotes feelings of happiness & eases stress. Make sure its the raw, dark chocolate with the rich antioxidants for anti- aging, it’s calming magnesium & minerals. The milk & sugar based ones are full of sugar & dairy with low to no cocoa % thus no antioxidants, just sugar, fat ,dairy & extra pounds!

Jenna, a fellow vitamin consultant, was kind enough to pass along this raw chocolate coconut truffle recipe our way, from the book Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis

Chocolate Coconut Raw Truffles

½ warmed organic raw coconut oil ( I personally like the Barleans brand)

¾ cup agave nectar

*2 tsp organic real organic vanilla extract

¼ tsp celtic salt

1 cup organic freshly shredded coconut

2 &1/4 cups raw organic cocoa power sifted

Flower Fairy Tip I find most times depending on the warmth in your kitchen, I cool in the fridge before rolling. Roll in shredded coconut, or a cocoa chilli power, or fine ground organic coffee or cinnamon! If these are too soft keep adding more dried powdered ingredients.

* Flower Fairy Tip Make your own more economical vanilla extract: take a dried soft organic vanilla bean, cover with vodka in a sealed dark bottle, cap it, & store in a dark place for a month. Remove bean & add it to a recipe.