Gabriola Island Herb Wildcrafting with the Flower Fairy

Join Jacqueline Clow, or better known as the Flower Fairy, local Herbalist & Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Practitioner. She is the founder, creator & producer of over 100 natural body care products by Flower Fairy Herbal Healer.  Come explore with me some of the local herbal plant species & their useful properties.

Traditional aboriginal cultures in our region have used probably hundreds of plants for medicinal applications. These vary from the pitch of trees, macerated leaves, teas or solutions from various plant parts for wounds, burns, warts, skin infections  & for colds & sore throats. (Quote from Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast book by Pojar & Mackinnon). This is one of my favourite field-guide books with pictures & descriptions, along with notes on aboriginal uses for these plants for food, medicine & implements

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